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Client Portal

The client portal provides secure access to technical documentation and training materials, information on model work flows, and a robust online technical support tool for customers who contract for it.

Our technical documentation and training materials include frequently updated training and technical information, organized by topic. Our online help desk allows you to enter service requests and track trouble reports, diagnose and fix minor hardware and software problems, and escalate more significant problems for prioritized resolution.

Customer facility records are maintained in a database accessible via the client portal which facilitates self-service tools and technical support functions.

In the future our interactive communications tool will allow you to send and receive messages to and from your assigned account team. The messages will be automatically routed to the appropriate contact depending on the nature of the message, whether for sales, service or technical support.

Privacy and security are ensured through a multi-tiered authentication procedure that controls access to client information and prevents unauthorized users from entering the portal.

Federal Stimulus funds

Federal money may be available for implementing CattailsMD.

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Costs and Limitations: MCIS, Inc. offers a monthly subscription pricing model, which includes access to the software, hosting, support, maintenance, and interfaces (connections) for: e-Prescribing, Direct Messaging, Immunization Export, Public Health Agency Export (e.g. export diagnostic information to a public health agency), Results (e.g. Lab Results and Radiology Results), Demographics Data, Scheduling, and Charges (e.g. Billing). Subscription fees are based on the number of providers per practice that access the software per month. Additional interfaces (connections) are priced based on scope and level of effort and would be included as part of the implementation estimate. A one-time fee is assessed per practice for implementation services and go-live support.

Contractual limitations: No contractual limitations apply.

Technical Limitations: The software requires a minimum 1.5 Mbps internet connection. Direct messaging requires providers have a registered direct address. Direct messages can be exchanged with users that have direct addresses and share the DirectTrust association. Connections for Immunization Export and Public Health Agency Export require business relationships with immunization registries and public health agencies to exchange information. e-Prescribing is limited to pharmacies that support this capability. Product Certification Information

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